Street Tacos & Spanish Rice

When we lived in SoCal, we could go to our local grocery stores and buy pre-marinated Carne Asada steaks. There would normally be steaks that are marinated in a citrus or ranchero flavored marinade. It was so easy to just buy them marinated and grill them up! But since we haven’t found this down hereContinue reading “Street Tacos & Spanish Rice”

Pico de Gallo 🌶

Fair warning, once you make this, you will always crave this. Also, it’s addicting. You have to eat a whole bowl of this in one sitting. The good thing about this salsa, it’s full of flavor and not bad for you too! Well, unless you eat a ton of really salty tortilla chips with it.Continue reading “Pico de Gallo 🌶”