Mac & Cheese for a Crowd

Everyone loves Mac and cheese! And if you don’t, then maybe you should try mine? I’ll change your mind 😂 This recipe is similar to my slow cooker mac and cheese recipe, just feeds a lot more! I updated the amounts and have new pics to accompany the steps. This is perfect for your EasterContinue reading “Mac & Cheese for a Crowd”

Another Mac & Cheese Recipe!

I already know what you’re going to say, how many mac and cheese recipes does this lady have!? I have my slow cooker recipe, baked recipe, and baked with Velveeta cheese and bread crumbs on top recipe! All of the recipes have a different taste to them and are a perfect main or side dish.Continue reading “Another Mac & Cheese Recipe!”

Slow Cooker Mac & Cheese 🧀

Hot, cheesy, hearty slow cooker Mac & Cheese is something I have made over and over again. It’s definitely a crowd pleaser! I have made a larger version of this, but the smaller recipe I have below still feeds quite a bit. You need to cook the macaroni noodles prior to putting in the slowContinue reading “Slow Cooker Mac & Cheese 🧀”