Chicks & Ducklings Update!

Our chicks and ducklings are growing like crazy! This past week we moved all the chicks over to our chicken coop. They had all of their feathers come in, so we moved them over gradually. We first moved our biggest chicks, the white leghorns. Then a couple days later we moved over our Red SexContinue reading “Chicks & Ducklings Update!”

New Additions to Our Farm ❤️

We have been living at our farmhouse for almost a year! We have a little over 6 acres here, a 2 story detached garage. and a chicken coop that was built here by a previous owner. We’ve been talking about getting chickens and other farm animals for quite some time and we finally pulled theContinue reading “New Additions to Our Farm ❤️”

More Planting on the Farm 🌺

We planted two azalea plants in the flower bed area in front of our back porch a few weeks ago and decided we needed to get more. Azaleas are native to our area and I love their blooms. I also love how they can get pretty bushy and grow well even in partial sun. TheContinue reading “More Planting on the Farm 🌺”

Screening-in Our Big Porch

We knew this was going to be no easy feat, but we really wanted to screen in our huge back porch! Let’s face it, we live in the South and Mosquitoes are a bother, they love my sweet blood I guess 🤷🏻‍♀️ we wanted to be able to enjoy our porch so we knew weContinue reading “Screening-in Our Big Porch”

Updating Our Master Bathroom – Demo!

One of the larger projects we needed to do in our home was to demo and update our master bathroom. Not only was the color scheme of the bathroom not our “style,” there was also a leak in our shower area that we needed to take care of. We were originally going to wait aContinue reading “Updating Our Master Bathroom – Demo!”

Planting Fun! 🍋

We have a ton of trees on our property, including Oak, Magnolia, Pecan and kumquat trees. The oak trees we have are Live Oak, Water Oak and another type of oak I can’t quite remember 🤷🏻‍♀️. We have 7 pecan trees too! Besides all the shade we get, we wanted to plant a couple citrusContinue reading “Planting Fun! 🍋”

Updating Our Kitchen! Yay!

Our next project: ripping out our old laminate kitchen countertops and putting in some snazzy new granite countertops! All of my pictures I post of food shows our stovetop or our faded red/burgundy laminate counters. We’ve talked about updating them, and we finally pulled the trigger and did it. We still need to do theContinue reading “Updating Our Kitchen! Yay!”

Wallpaper Behind Our Bookcase 📚

Fun weekend side project: putting wallpaper on the wall behind our built-in bookcase in our library. Ended up taking TWO weekends, but if I had ordered enough wallpaper I could have done it in one shot. Have you wallpapered before? I saw peel and stick wallpaper featured on a Property Brothers episode (I believe) andContinue reading “Wallpaper Behind Our Bookcase 📚”

Painting Our Library 📚

Our big historic farmhouse has a library. Our library is a big room that a few owners ago built a large floor to ceiling bookcase in. It’s not huge like a “Beauty and the Beast” library, but I love it. We have 3 large windows next to the bookcase that has a long bench seatContinue reading “Painting Our Library 📚”

Projects Around the Farmhouse 🐓

Painting projects seem like they never end, am I right? We have been painting our farmhouse room by room to update the colors and to remove smudges and imperfections. Our ceilings are 12’ tall, we have lots of walls to cover with paint! First room I painted was our little half bath that is nextContinue reading “Projects Around the Farmhouse 🐓”