Crockpot Apple Butter

Every fall, I absolutely have to make at least one batch of apple butter. I love to spread this on top of fresh waffles, pancakes, and toast, dollop on top of ice cream, and sometimes even eat it out of the jar! If you’re unsure what apple butter is, it is like a thicker versionContinue reading “Crockpot Apple Butter”

Homemade Guacamole

What’s better to serve on top of your tacos than some fresh guacamole! I love how creamy and filling guacamole can be, without all the carbs and it’s healthy for you too 😋 This recipe is quick to make, perfect for Taco Tuesday, and low carb and keto friendly. The ingredients are simple and IContinue reading “Homemade Guacamole”

Roasted Red Salsa

I like jarred salsa, but sometimes I just want something fresh! My husband makes a delicious Pico de Gallo salsa, I also make an amazing salsa verde, but I wanted to try something new and make a red salsa with roasted tomatoes! A salsa that would be blended and not as chunky as the PicoContinue reading “Roasted Red Salsa”

2 Bananas Banana Bread Recipe 🍌

This week I had two lonely ripe bananas and wanted to make banana bread. My other recipe I posted is with 3 bananas, so I needed to make and find a recipe with 2! I made it in our 7×11 baking dish, but you can also make this in an 8×4 bread pan. Our daughterContinue reading “2 Bananas Banana Bread Recipe 🍌”

Elephant Ears

Have you heard of Elephant Ears? These yummy flattened cinnamon rolls are so good! And take less time to make than regular cinnamon rolls. I got this recipe from my mother in law and we love it! I hadn’t heard of elephant ears before and I love cinnamon rolls so I figured I would giveContinue reading “Elephant Ears”

The Best (& Easiest) Banana Bread 🍞

What do you do with your bananas when they get all brown and mushy? We don’t throw them out, we make banana bread! I love banana bread with nuts in it but our toddler doesn’t like the nuts so I compromise and just put nuts on the top. My favorite nuts to put on topContinue reading “The Best (& Easiest) Banana Bread 🍞”

Overnight Cinnamon Rolls 😋

Other than using my bread machine to make bread, I use it mostly to make dough! Saves me time with everything and I use it for both my small batch and large batch cinnamon rolls recipes. The easiest and less time consuming recipes I have found for cinnamon rolls are by making them and thenContinue reading “Overnight Cinnamon Rolls 😋”