2 Bananas Banana Bread Recipe 🍌

This week I had two lonely ripe bananas and wanted to make banana bread. My other recipe I posted is with 3 bananas, so I needed to make and find a recipe with 2! I made it in our 7×11 baking dish, but you can also make this in an 8×4 bread pan. Our daughterContinue reading “2 Bananas Banana Bread Recipe 🍌”

Jalapeño Cornbread

This was the perfect addition to our chili last night. So flavorful! If you like cornbread and are tired of the same old recipe, this one spices things up! The cool thing about using pickled jalapeños is that you can choose mild, medium or hot when you buy them. I added mild to our cornbreadContinue reading “Jalapeño Cornbread”

The Best (& Easiest) Banana Bread 🍞

What do you do with your bananas when they get all brown and mushy? We don’t throw them out, we make banana bread! I love banana bread with nuts in it but our toddler doesn’t like the nuts so I compromise and just put nuts on the top. My favorite nuts to put on topContinue reading “The Best (& Easiest) Banana Bread 🍞”

Bread Machine French Bread

I love fresh from the bakery French bread, smells great and the outer crunchy crust is great for dipping into my favorite soups. You know what’s better than fresh from the bakery bread? Fresh from your own kitchen bread! The smells of the bread cooking in your own kitchen makes your home smell wonderful. AndContinue reading “Bread Machine French Bread”