About Me

Melissa Dalton

Stay at Home Mom & Food Connoisseur

Hi friends! I am Melissa, a full-time wife and mom living in the South. My husband, daughter and I are born and raised from Southern California and transplanted out to our small town in the panhandle region of Florida. My husband and I grew up in the suburbs in SoCal and are now living in a rural town in our farmhouse on 6 acres of land. To give you some perspective, we went from city water and high speed Internet to well water with a septic tank and pretty much dial-up Internet. The cost of living in SoCal was high, the traffic was THE WORST, and we needed some change (geographically-speaking). My husband started a new career out here so we sold our house in SoCal and moved to the South.

With this new career move, I have been able to stay at home with our daughter, and it’s been amazing! I’ve been able to enjoy our new digs and cook some pretty awesome meals in our home too. While posting pictures of a lot of the food I make on my story on Instagram and Facebook has made family and friends hungry, I knew I needed to start a blog about all of the delicious dishes I make. I have recently updated my blog to post more keto and low carb friendly recipes due to a change in our diets here at home. All of these new low carb and keto recipes have been fun so far! Hope you all can enjoy my posts and start some cooking adventures of your own!

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