Low Carb Street Tacos

Best thing to do when making street tacos is to make your own marinade! That way you know exactly what is in it and how tasty it’s going to be. For this recipe, I used carne picada meat, almost 2lbs. It’s nice because it’s already in small pieces and the marinade coats all of it really well. I have another recipe on my blog about street tacos, this is the most updated recipe and marinade we like to make.

We use limequats in place of limes in our recipe and it makes the marinade even more delicious. In my last post about my homemade guacamole, I talk more about limequats. For the recipe, I put the amount of regular size limes so it’s not confusing for the marinade. Limequats are smaller than key limes and I used more in the marinade than you would regular limes.

We sauté our carne picada on our stove top, but if you’d like to marinate carne asada meat with the same marinade, you can grill them up or sauté. I don’t recommend grilling the carne picada meat because it is in small pieces already when you buy it at the store. See my pic below for reference! Check out the steps and recipe at the bottom too ❤️

Mixed all seasonings together in a small bowl.
Juiced oranges and limequats with our electric juicer. Added more orange juice and soy sauce to the mix as well.
Added meat to a gallon size bag with seasonings, liquids and cilantro leaves. Marinate for at least 4 hours up to overnight.

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