Low Carb Instant Pot Pork Tenderloin

Here’s an update to my recipe for pork tenderloin in the Instant Pot! This recipe is keto and low carb friendly and tastes delicious. Since it’s pressure cooked in the Instant Pot, it’s also cooked in less than half the time it would normally take in your oven. I buy the pre-marinated pork tenderloin, so it has all the seasonings it needs. You can buy whichever one you like to make this recipe too! For the pics below, I cooked up a 2.5lb tenderloin that was pre- marinated in an Asiago peppercorn marinade.

We served up the tenderloin with sautéed green beans, they were a perfect pair. Hope you enjoy this recipe!

Set your Instant Pot on sauté mode, add in butter. Brown the tenderloin on all sides and then remove from the pot and set aside.
Turn off Instant Pot. Add in water, diced chicken bouillon cube, Worcestershire sauce and liquid smoke and stir. Put tenderloin back in and set pot to sealing, pressure cook on high for 6 mins. Allow pressure to release naturally for 15 mins.
Check internal temp of tenderloins to make sure they are at least 145 degrees F. Remove and set aside wrapped up in foil for 5 mins to rest before carving. We served ours up with sautéed green beans! Yum!

Published by Melissa

A stay at home mom who loves to cook!

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