Greek Meatballs 🇬🇷

First off, let me say these meatballs are the best. You can make these with ground sausage, beef, lamb, or turkey, but my favorite so far has been with sausage. The pics and recipe below are made with 1lb of ground sausage, but you can substitute with beef, lamb or turkey if you’re looking for something leaner. If you eat elk meat or moose meat, that works too! These are low carb and keto friendly because they are made with almond flour instead of bread crumbs.

I broil these meatballs in our toaster/air fryer/broiler combo oven and they are done in 10 mins. If you prefer to cook them up on your stove top, you can do that too! I serve them up in pita bread with freshly chopped tomatoes and tzatziki sauce, with a salad on the side. I’ve also made my yellow rice recipe to go with Greek dishes, this would go well with this too. If you are on a low carb diet, just sub the pita bread for a low carb spinach wrap or a lettuce wrap works too. All of these options sound delicious. I’ll put my tzatziki sauce recipe on the bottom if you’d like to make it with this dish too 😉 happy eating y’all!

Measure out almond flour, all of the seasonings, and minced garlic into a medium size bowl.
Mix together well prior to adding the ground sausage.
Put the ground sausage in the bowl and stir the seasonings into it, then mix around with your hands and make into small 1” size balls.
Spray nonstick baking spray on a baking sheet and place balls on the baking sheet about an inch apart from each other. Broil in your toaster oven or regular oven for about 10 mins.
Remove from oven once browned and slightly crispy looking on the outside.
Serve in pita bread with freshly chopped tomatoes, sliced cucumber, and tzatziki sauce. Serve with a salad on the side with Greek vinaigrette dressing.

Published by Melissa

A stay at home mom who loves to cook!

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