Chicks & Ducklings Update!

Our chicks and ducklings are growing like crazy! This past week we moved all the chicks over to our chicken coop. They had all of their feathers come in, so we moved them over gradually. We first moved our biggest chicks, the white leghorns. Then a couple days later we moved over our Red Sex Links, and this past weekend we moved over our Bantam Red Sussex chicks!

Our leghorn girls are loving this big space!
Our chicken coop with run attached.
Changing out their pine shavings bedding and moving the Red Sex Links to the coop!
Our daughter loves the chicks!

Our ducklings are getting huge btw, and their brooder bin kept getting wetter. We were out there changing out their bedding twice daily to keep up with their wet messes they made. Had to come up with a better option for the ducks, so I did some research and we moved them! In our carport area we have sand and it seemed like the better and drier alternative for the ducks. Since the bin would hold the water when it spilled, we needed to put them in an area that drained better. No more wet brooder bin! Plus the ducks have more room to move around too.

Cleaning out the ducks’ brooder bin is a wet mess.
Ducks come out daily for a swim, the pen around them keeps them in there and safe. They love eating weeds in their water.
Ducks in their new area! Much drier and happier.

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