New Additions to Our Farm ❤️

We have been living at our farmhouse for almost a year! We have a little over 6 acres here, a 2 story detached garage. and a chicken coop that was built here by a previous owner. We’ve been talking about getting chickens and other farm animals for quite some time and we finally pulled the trigger!

Since our chicken coop is pretty big, we thought “why let this huge thing go to waste??” There is a run attached to it that is about 10’x20’ and it has 12 nesting boxes built in. To start off, we purchased 4 white leghorn and 4 red sex link pullets. Pullets are girl chickens. I could’ve purchased straight run chicks, but then we wouldn’t know if the chicks would end up being roosters or hens. I didn’t want to take a chance and end up with a bunch of roosters. Pics below!

A couple days later, we decided to get a few more chicks and ducklings too! We picked up 4 more pullets that are red Sussex’s and 4 pekin ducklings. With the ducks, you cannot pick them already sexed so we will have to see what we end up with. The red Sussex we have are bantams which mean they are a smaller breed. Never would we have thought we would be raising farm animals! I’ve had friends along the way answering all of my questions and have been so helpful to get us started on this.

Our daughter is pretty excited!
Pekin ducklings and red Sussex pullets.
Pekin Duckling 🐥

Since the ducks need more water to dip their beaks into, I swapped the larger water from the chicks to the ducks bin. Soon we will be taking the ducklings outside in the yard with some water for them to play in! Shortly after we set up the brooder bins, we moved them outside to our screened in porch. We set up a kennel around them with poultry netting on top to keep them safe and sound until we move them out to our coop. Heat lamps were also set up out there too ☺️ More farm updates will be coming out soon!

Bantam Red Sussex chick 🐥

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