Mongolian Chicken 🐓

Want to make a quick dinner that tastes delicious? Try this out! If you love Chinese take out but prefer to make your own at home, this recipe is perfect. It’s a great starter recipe to open the door to more Asian cuisine. Great thing is that everything is made in under 20 mins. Hands on time is minimal for this recipe too! This recipe is 2-3 servings, but it can make more if you (pretty much) double the recipe. If you like your sauce thinner, it would be doubling the recipe. If you like it thicker, you would just need to adjust the soy sauce and water to 1/3 cup each.

This is not a spicy dish, and the green onions add a nice crunch. If you’d like to make this keto, just omit the rice to serve it on top of. Also if you don’t want to bread your chicken in cornstarch, you can skip this step too. I wouldn’t skip the step though because I love the breading ❤️ If you want to make this vegetarian, you could substitute the chicken with veggies and still make it with the same yummy sauce. Some veggie ideas would be: water chestnuts, sliced carrots, sliced mushrooms, broccoli, red peppers, or zucchini. All of these veggies can be added to this chicken recipe too!

Coated the chicken in the bag with cornstarch.
Put chicken into the skillet preheated with olive oil.
Browned the chicken on all sides then removed and set aside in a bowl.
Cooked up minced garlic with ground ginger, if you have fresh ginger, even better!
Added in olive oil, soy sauce, water and brown sugar. If you have sesame oil, you can use that instead of olive oil.
Made a small slurry of cornstarch with water.
Added to skillet to thicken.
Added cooked chicken and green onions to skillet.
Tossed to coat and turned off the heat.
Served on top of a bed of white rice, yum!

Published by Melissa

A stay at home mom who loves to cook!

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