More Planting on the Farm 🌺

We planted two azalea plants in the flower bed area in front of our back porch a few weeks ago and decided we needed to get more. Azaleas are native to our area and I love their blooms. I also love how they can get pretty bushy and grow well even in partial sun. The flower beds off our back porch get morning sun but the rest of the day, it is shady. Also, since my husband finished screening in the porch we felt like this was the next project we should do. It was perfect weather, couldn’t have asked for a nicer day.

When we bought our home about a year ago, we found out online that our home used to be called The Compass Rose. One of the previous owners planted rose bushes around the back porch and apparently they looked pretty cool! We never got to see the rose bushes, the owner right before us didn’t have anything planted in the flower beds, we think she either had them pulled out or removed. I didn’t want to plant rose bushes around the porch again, so I did some research on what would grow well there considering how shady it gets. Azaleas were the perfect match! Check out our before and after pictures below. My husband and I planted all of these together, will some help from our daughter 😂

Let’s get started, mom! One azalea we planted a few weeks ago, needed 5 more on this side.
One azalea planted on this side, needed 5 more plus one around the corner.
Our cat Callie is supervising.

We bought our azaleas at our local nursery, the pricing was really good too! Each plant was in a gallon pot and comes with a one year warranty. I found the pricing at Home Depot or Lowe’s for the same plants was actually more than the price we paid at the nursery. We picked up a Florida King Peach tree as well and planted on the other side of our home close to the citrus trees we planted a few weeks ago. All of those trees are closer to our front porch. Cool thing about citrus trees is that they naturally repel mosquitoes!

These azaleas are going to grow so big, I can’t wait! Even just adding the gallon size plants makes this area look so much nicer.
Closer picture so you can see the 5 we planted on this side today.
Our daughter helped water the new plants too!
7 more on this side! Porch also wraps around so we might end up planting more on the other side, we will see!
Florida King Peach Tree

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