Screening-in Our Big Porch

We knew this was going to be no easy feat, but we really wanted to screen in our huge back porch! Let’s face it, we live in the South and Mosquitoes are a bother, they love my sweet blood I guess 🤷🏻‍♀️ we wanted to be able to enjoy our porch so we knew we needed to screen it in. We didn’t want to pay tons of money for someone else to do it, so my husband and his friend tackled the job! We didn’t even go as far as pricing it out with a contractor, instead we found videos on YouTube to give us an idea of how to put the whole thing together. Keep in mind, our back porch is about 1500 square feet!

With measuring out all of the wood to make the sections, it was time consuming but would make sure that the screening would look nice and tight after. My husband’s friend helped with a lot of the set up, then we needed his help with our master bathroom demo and plumbing work. My husband needed to finish screening in the porch as well as screening in the doors they custom-made to access the porch, and a kitty door for our outside cat.

Cut 2×4’s for each section to help with running tracks for the screens.
It’s coming along!
Hard at work!
Framing in the area around where our doors will be
Next up are the doors!
Doors were custom made by my husband and his friend David. My husband screened in each door with tracks. White trim pieces cover the edges of the screening material and splines.

The screen doors needed to be custom made to fit our space and my husband installed self-closing hinges so we don’t have to worry about the doors getting stuck open. He put handles on the inside and push panels on the outside. Our beautiful trees we can see from our porch keep our area shady and green! So our kitty would be able to have access to the porch, my hubby also installed a cat door. He had to cut a section of plywood to fit the kitty door next to the doors and make it easy access for her.

Simply beautiful screened in porch by my hubby!
Our cat Callie approves of the screened in porch and her cat door.

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