Egg Salad Sandwiches 🥪 Yum!

I love hard boiled eggs 🥚❤️ I like to eat them plain with just a sprinkle of salt, but making a sandwich with them is even better! I hard boil my eggs using an egg cooker. So easy! I bought the one below on Amazon, but they also sell them at Target and Walmart. It takes all the guess work out of timing the eggs, and it shuts off and makes a loud buzzing sound when they are done. I can hard boil up to 7 eggs at a time.

For my egg salad recipe you can make this keto if you don’t include the sandwich bread and eat this in a lettuce wrap. I made the bread for my recipe in my bread machine, also super easy. All you do is add the ingredients (liquids, then dry, then yeast) to the bread machine pan and it kneads it for you, rising time and baking time too. The two pictures below show the ingredients I added and the bread after it’s done! The bread is vegan, there is no butter or milk in my basic white bread recipe.

All the ingredients in and ready to be made in the bread machine.
All done! Wow smells so good!
Removed from the bread pan and ready to be sliced up and eaten.

Now onto the egg salad part! After your eggs are hard boiled, let them cool down prior to trying to peel them. I put mine in the fridge for a few hours after cooking. After you peel your eggs, you can cut them up! I like to chop mine into chunks. After that, I put all my other ingredients into a bowl and stir well. I add the eggs in last so they don’t get too mushed in. I refrigerate the egg salad mix for a couple hours before assembling the sandwiches. When we’re ready to eat, I put some Miracle Whip on my sandwich bread along with mustard and top the bread with a couple scoops of the egg salad mix 😋 to top off my sandwich I put sliced tomatoes and pepper. You can use Miracle Whip or regular mayonnaise for your egg salad recipe, whichever you prefer. Since Miracle Whip is sweeter than mayonnaise, you would need to add sugar to your recipe if you use mayo instead. About 1/2 tsp to 1 tsp of sugar would need to be added to make it the same sweet flavor. For paprika you will need to use sweet paprika, not smoked or hot paprika.

Chopped up the red onion and green bell pepper.
Added in Miracle Whip, Dijon mustard, paprika, seasoned salt & pepper.
Peeled the hard boiled eggs, ready to be chopped up.
Chopped up the eggs and ready to add to the bowl.
Added eggs to the bowl and stirred up. Now to refrigerate to chill everything.
Served up on our fresh bread with more miracle whip spread on and some mustard too!

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