Updating Our Master Bathroom – Demo!

One of the larger projects we needed to do in our home was to demo and update our master bathroom. Not only was the color scheme of the bathroom not our “style,” there was also a leak in our shower area that we needed to take care of. We were originally going to wait a bit to tackle this job, but with the leak going on, we knew we needed to get this done ASAP. Check out what it looked like before! ⬇️

We saved our vanity and claw foot tub, I also revamped the vanity!!

I already know what you’re thinking, the black and white checkerboard is the best, right?? 😂 Well maybe for someone playing life-size Chess while they brush their teeth, but not for us. Plus the tile would get really slick when we would shower and we would almost slip and fall. All the time. The tub is amazing though, I always wanted a soaker tub. We definitely needed to keep that!

For the vanity, I wanted to clean it up a bit, sand some areas and put a fresh coat of paint on it, inside and out. I’ll include pictures of the vanity’s upgrade as well ☺️

First things first, we needed to demo the bathroom! We removed the vanity and placed it in our master bedroom. We also removed the claw foot tub and put it in our entry/foyer. The toilet is out on our front porch, just until we are done with the updating! 😂 We don’t want to have to use the toilet and wave to our neighbors driving by.

Let’s get this started! Bye bye black and white tiles!!
My husband has a smile on his face because he is happy to demo this! 😂 we also had help from his friend David.
Elders from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints also helped us with demo! Left to right is Elder Jackson & Elder Hauser.
Sister missionaries Sister Hall & Sister Lynn (left and right) also did a great job with the demo! Many hands make light work ☺️
Even more demo! I don’t know how Chip Gaines can do this, this is hard work!
Yep, we took it down to the studs!
After even more demo, my husband and David needed to cut down the flooring joists and put new plywood down for the shower area and by the tub. Also new blue board on the walls.

Now on to the waterproofing and tile work! I’ll be doing a separate post for our build back so I don’t overload y’all with pics 😂 Also doing another post about updating our vanity! Can’t wait till this is all finished ✔️

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