Planting Fun! 🍋

We have a ton of trees on our property, including Oak, Magnolia, Pecan and kumquat trees. The oak trees we have are Live Oak, Water Oak and another type of oak I can’t quite remember 🤷🏻‍♀️. We have 7 pecan trees too! Besides all the shade we get, we wanted to plant a couple citrus trees and 2 azalea plants (for now). 😂

For our citrus trees, we planted a Sambo Lemon Tree, a Limequat Tree, and a Marsh Grapefruit Tree. The Sambo lemon is also called Sanbokan sweet lemon tree, it’s sweeter than the Meyer lemon. It’s supposed to have lemons that taste like sweet lemonade. The Limequat tree is a cross between the Key lime tree and kumquat tree. It’s going to have sweet and small limes. The Marsh grapefruit tree has grapefruits with white flesh on the outside and few seeds. Also sweeter! 😋

For the azaleas, we started with 2 white plants and are planning to buy about 8 more to complete the border around our back porch. We love the flowers of the azaleas and how they can get pretty full in our planters. Some pics below for our planting adventures! Of course, our toddler helped plant too ❤️ we can’t wait to get some more trees and plants!

After planting the limequat tree
She liked planting ❤️
Me digging the hole for the grapefruit tree
I’m smiling because I love digging!
Newly planted azalea 🌺
Can’t wait to plant more!

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