Updating Our Kitchen! Yay!

Our next project: ripping out our old laminate kitchen countertops and putting in some snazzy new granite countertops! All of my pictures I post of food shows our stovetop or our faded red/burgundy laminate counters. We’ve talked about updating them, and we finally pulled the trigger and did it. We still need to do the backsplash, but we love the counters so far anyway! We looked at granite and quartz slabs and fell in love with a couple of granite slabs that had been “leathered.” When the slabs have been leathered, they have a rougher look to them and are not glossy. Glossy granite shows a lot more dust and fingerprints and when you have a toddler, it’s all about low maintenance for cleaning 😂 The leathered look is gorgeous. I can’t wait to prepare some dishes on here!

First, I will show y’all what our kitchen looked like before. Our home is 81 years old, so I’m sure the cabinets have been updated sometime and definitely the counters. The sink had separated from the counter on one side and water started dripping down into our cabinets and soaking into the laminate counters, gross. We needed to rip out those counters to get rid of the wet and damaged pressed wood, and to swap out our sink for a sink that could be mounted underneath the counters. With a drop-in sink, if you don’t keep up with caulking around the edges, the sink will separate from the counter and water will drip in between. Especially if you keep your dish drain next to your sink. If you have a drop-in sink, check your caulking around your sink so you don’t have an issue like we did.

Now let’s see some progress pics!!

See the water damage? I had to remove that prior to the install.

And now to the counters being installed!

Our kitchen looks amazing now! Changes the whole flow of our kitchen ☺️ we still need to do the backsplash, but I’m already super happy with the new granite countertops. Now for our plumber to come in and hook up our new sink so I can start cooking!

The countertop company we used is South Georgia Granite. They are located in Valdosta, GA. I love the work they did and how pretty everything turned out!! Check them out on Facebook ❤️

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A stay at home mom who loves to cook!

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