Easy Nachos 😋

Making easy meals during a busy week that taste really good, are my jam! We like to keep a couple pounds of ground beef in our freezer, and it’s nice to have them in a pinch when I want to make something fast. I defrost the ground beef in the microwave or in the fridge if I know what I’m making the day before. I NEVER defrost my meats on the counter. When you leave your meats out to defrost on the counter, it sets the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Not to gross you out, but the bacteria will cause some serious tummy issues. Just always make sure to defrost in your fridge by taking the meat out of your freezer the day prior and placing in a dish in your fridge OR by microwaving it to defrost.

For nachos, you can make this with or without meat. You can use ground turkey or ground beef, dice up some chicken, or just leave out the meat and make this vegetarian. You could also make this vegan if you take out the nacho cheese and substitute it with vegan cheese and just load up the chips with all kinds of veggies and beans! We like refried beans, but have also made this with black beans and pinto beans. The refried beans we use are in a 16oz can.

Everything is made on your stove top and is made in under 10 mins if you cook it all at the same time. I use all 4 burners and put the ground beef in the largest skillet, sliced onions (for topping) in the smaller skillet, beans in a small pot, and nacho cheese sauce in another small pot. If you don’t like nacho cheese sauce, you can use shredded cheese to top the nachos! I always season our ground beef while it’s cooking so it has a lot of flavor.

Sliced onions and put in a small skillet, seasoned with salt and pepper. Nacho cheese on my back burner.
Nacho cheese sauce we use!
Cooking up my ground beef, refried beans on my other back burner.
Onions are nice and crispy now!
Mmm! All ready to be put on my nachos!
First, tortilla chips
Then, refried beans
Then, ground beef
Then nacho cheese!
Top with crispy onions
I love mine topped with lots of tomatoes 🍅
Then sour cream and sliced jalapeños! Ready to be eaten! Mmm 😋

Published by Melissa

A stay at home mom who loves to cook!

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