Chocolate Wacky Cake 🎂

I know the title sounds funny, this cake is delicious and wacky – in a good way! 😂 I’ve never been a fan of chocolate cake, but this recipe changed my mind. A few years ago I stumbled on this recipe and have used it ever since for birthdays, holidays, and when we have friends over! No one can believe that this cake has no eggs or milk, and still tastes so good.

Wacky cakes or depression era cakes, came around during The Great Depression (hence the name) because it was really hard to come by dairy products at the time. People obviously still wanted to eat sweet treats and celebrate, so this eggless, milk-less wonder was made. Nowadays there are more people are changing their diets to vegan or vegetarian, so this cake is also a great option for our meatless friends!

This recipe makes a small cake, 8×8 glass baking dish is what I use. I use melted coconut oil, but you can also use vegetable oil if you don’t have coconut oil on hand. I love coconut oil and use it for most of my recipes instead of vegetable, canola, and even olive oil (sometimes)! If you like the healthier oil option but don’t care for the coconut taste, buy refined coconut oil and it will have less of a coconut flavor. If you buy unrefined, it has a more coconut taste to it, I buy both and switch off between the two. I really like coconut though! 🥥

Dry ingredients whisked, oil, vanilla and vinegar in wells on top. Pour cold water over top of everything and whisk. Pour into greased 8×8 dish.
If you bake in a convection oven, it will cook faster. Make sure to check sooner for doneness.
Frosted, sprinkles and delish!

Published by Melissa

A stay at home mom who loves to cook!

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