Chicken Paprikash aka Paprikás Csirke

Growing up, my grandma would make chicken paprikash for us and it is so good! I love Hungarian food, after all, I’m half Hungarian ❤️ My grandparents are from Hungary and I love all of the family history too. I definitely want to keep teaching our daughter about our family’s background, starting with food!

If you are unsure what Hungarian food is, you are not alone. It’s hearty (most of it) and the most popular seasoning is paprika, Hungarian paprika. There is a difference between the types of paprika you can buy: smoked, sweet and hot. And a big difference between regular paprika and Hungarian paprika. Hungarian sweet paprika is bright reddish-orange, and smells amazing, I use sweet paprika more than smoked or hot. You can buy Hungarian paprika at almost any grocery store, and I think they even have it at Walmart (I need to double check!)

Chicken Paprikash is served over either nokedli (small egg dumplings) or egg noodles, with a sour cream based sauce. I made the nokedli with the chicken and it was delicious, just takes more time to make. I made my recipe with chicken thighs and boneless skinless chicken breast. Check out my recipe below and pics too!

Starting to
Chicken is all done
Sour cream mixture
Chicken Paprikash served on top of nokedli

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