Farmers Market, Let’s Go!

Do you buy your fresh vegetables and fruits weekly? Every other week? Do you buy fresh fruits and veggies? Not too long ago, I didn’t buy much fresh fruits or veggies. I was perfectly content with not eating much of either 😂 Then I got into a “salad phase” where everything I ate was a salad or salad-related. Buying a salad from a restaurant was expensive, I couldn’t manage our budget well while buying salads daily. I started buying salad mixes from the grocery store including tomatoes and a variety of salad toppings. Since I hadn’t been much of a fresh produce buyer, I realized that the veggies and salad mixes I was buying were expiring before I could get through them. My fridge smelled like rotting vegetables. Gross!

Then the change up to buying my produce weekly, but I would still end up with food I didn’t use. Trying to be more health conscious, I wanted to start learning how to cook what I bought. And make smoothies out of everything else!

With buying produce weekly, I needed to find a place close to home where I could find quality produce. Found a farmers market here in town, and I love it. I wanted to show y’all some clips of what our small town farmers market looks like! I try to go every week, and when I took my picture, it was a rare occasion that it wasn’t full of customers.

You might be zooming in to see if the pricing is similar to what you pay, and if you see, the pricing is very similar to grocery store pricing or even cheaper. The farmers market staff was totally cool with me taking these pics btw, I even mentioned I would talk about them on here!

So go on down to your local farmers market and get your produce 🥦🫑🍎 support local and enjoy the yummy food you pick up! Your tummy will thank me later.

One of my farmer’s market trips!

Published by Melissa

A stay at home mom who loves to cook!

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