Greek Pasta Salad 🥗

Since we love carbs over here, and we like to try new ways to eat even more carbs, I made a Greek Pasta Salad! If you like pasta salad and Greek food, this is a perfect blend. It’s a great side dish and can be a main dish too! I add pepperonis to ours but you don’t have to, and it could be a great vegetarian dish. My husband also suggested if you want it meatier, you can add cut up salami and small chunks of cheese to it, whatever you like in your pasta salad!

This pasta salad is labeled as “Greek” because I have added Greek dressing, feta cheese, olives and artichokes to it. You can add Kalamata olives or plain black olives work too. For the feta cheese, I used crumbled but you can also use the chunkier kind and it will add more texture to the salad. There are marinated artichokes you can buy at the store, but I just used plain artichokes and it still had a lot of flavor. I don’t really like cucumbers so I didn’t put one in this salad. If you like cucumbers, feel free to dice one up and add it in! We used elbow macaroni for this dish, but you can also use tri-colored rotini, plain rotini, bow-tie (farfalle), penne, pretty much whatever you prefer. The batch I made is a smaller batch just perfect size for my husband and I to eat for a couple days. I served this as the main dish, but it’s also a great side!

Cook and drain noodles according to package directions.
Dice artichokes and cut olives in half.
Add chopped tomatoes and diced red onion. Drain into colander then add back into bowl.
Cut up pepperoni into quarters.
Add pepperoni & feta cheese, then stir! Our daughter likes to help stir and add to the salad.
Looks good, now to add Greek vinaigrette.
Ready to serve 😋

Published by Melissa

A stay at home mom who loves to cook!

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