Chicken Salad Sandwiches 🥪

It’s been warmer these last few days out here, feeling like spring already! Seems like as the weather gets warmer, we do more stuff outside and just don’t have time to make a really big meal. I have quick dinner and lunch options I like to keep on hand if I need to make something in a pinch. For my chicken salad sandwiches, I used canned chicken, but you can also use leftover rotisserie chicken or whip up a small batch of chicken and shred it for this easy meal!

I like a nice, cold tuna salad sandwich on a warm day, so I wanted to try and make a chicken salad sandwich this time. One thing I didn’t add to my chicken that I normally add to my tuna is relish, but other than that, I dressed up this salad mix and it tasted like it was from a deli! I like to add dried fruit and chopped nuts to my green salads and wanted to add them to the chicken salad. Let’s just say, it made it even better. My husband doesn’t like celery so I didn’t add it to my mix, but you can totally put celery and it adds a nice crunch. I put green onion in my salad, but you can also put red onion if you prefer instead.

Check out my pics below and recipe on the bottom, this is such an easy recipe!

Shredded up the chicken
Diced up green onion and added to the chicken
Added dried cranberries after putting in the mayonnaise, Dijon, seasoned salt, and pepper.
Just had to put pecans too!
All mixed and ready to be served
Toasted brioche bun
Perfect with a slice of tomato on top

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