Alfredo Sauce!

I love shrimp and chicken with pasta ❤️ I’ve tried a few different brands of jarred Alfredo sauce and never really found one I liked. My husband loves Alfredo sauce, so I wanted to make something that he would really like. Last minute, I decided I wanted to make some chicken pasta and make my own Alfredo sauce. My mom also loves Alfredo sauce, so she’s going to love this recipe! ❤️😋

I found a super easy recipe online and made a couple changes to make it even yummier. I never have fresh Parmesan cheese on hand and didn’t want to use the dried Parmesan cheese to make the sauce (it makes the sauce really grainy). So I knew I needed to make some changes and I had mozzarella cheese on hand! It was a perfect substitute for the Parmesan and the sauce had even better flavor. I also like our sauce thicker so I used heavy whipping cream. I like to keep a small container of heavy cream in the fridge and get one every time we order groceries. Side note: we order groceries through Walmart’s grocery pickup because it’s way easier than going into the store with a toddler to buy a few weeks worth of groceries. Also, with COVID, it’s easier to have them bring out the groceries than having to mask up and grocery shop with a toddler. 😆 if you know, you know!

Now that I’ve made this Alfredo sauce recipe, I’m not going to buy any more jarred sauce! Check out my pics and recipe below and let me know if you make it 😋 I made chicken and rotini pasta to go with the Alfredo sauce. The chicken I use is the pre-cooked diced frozen chicken from Tyson, you can find this in the freezer section of your grocery store. It will need to be seasoned when you heat it up on the stove, I use salt, pepper, chili powder, creole seasoning, onion powder, garlic salt and red pepper flakes. Since I use the creole seasoning it’s more like a blackened chicken pasta. We make the rotini according to the package directions and we have dinner ready in under 30 mins for everything!

Melted butter and heavy cream
Seasonings and garlic added, whisk it up!
Mozzarella cheese added and whisked and bubbly!

Part of the chicken I cooked up! Blackened and seasoned and yummy 🤤

Rotini pasta is one of my favorites
All done, removed from heat and ready to serve.
I serve my Alfredo sauce drizzled on top of the chicken and pasta. Of course, with garlic bread!

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