Kayaking Fun 🛶

In between working on projects around our home and cooking yummy food, we like to go kayaking! There is a river pretty close to our house where we have had a lot of fun kayaking and fishing. My husband has gone fishing there several times and has caught fish like Suwannee and large mouth bass and blue gill. When we have taken our daughter with us, we normally just kayak. We have a small seat for her attached to my kayak and a cushion for her on my husband’s kayak. She loves looking all around at the wildlife and likes to help my husband paddle sometimes too!

We have kayaks that you sit on top of and they both have chairs attached to them. My kayak is 12’7” long and my husband’s kayak is 13’6” long. They are very stable and you can even stand up on mine and it won’t tip over (unless you rock it side to side like a crazy person!)

On the river with our daughter in her front seat.
My husband loves to kayak and fish too!
Bass my hubby caught at the river

We have taken our kayaks to the beach too! We have yet to take them out in warm beach weather, so we can’t wait till it warms up more so we can go out more. In the pic below you can see me standing up on my kayak while being out in the ocean.

Foggy day at the beach didn’t stop us from kayaking fun!

My husband also enjoys kayak fishing with friends at the beach. They have gone out fishing in their kayaks and caught Red fish and trout.

Can’t wait for many more adventures in our kayaks checking out more local rivers and beaches this spring and summer! One of the coolest things about living in the panhandle of Florida is all of the cool waterways we have around us.

Published by Melissa

A stay at home mom who loves to cook!

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