Bread Machine French Bread

I love fresh from the bakery French bread, smells great and the outer crunchy crust is great for dipping into my favorite soups. You know what’s better than fresh from the bakery bread? Fresh from your own kitchen bread! The smells of the bread cooking in your own kitchen makes your home smell wonderful. And it’s also really cheap to make your own bread.

To make my homemade bread, I use my bread machine. It does all the mixing, kneading, rising and baking all in one. Takes all of the guess work out of everything except the measuring, it’s so awesome!

I followed along in my bread machines manual it came with and it had the measurements listed for my French bread loaf. Each bread machine might be a little different for ingredient amounts but for this one I made a 1.5 lb loaf this time. You start with the liquid ingredients on the bottom, salt and sugar, and then the flour and then the yeast last. You make a divot in the top of the flour and pour the yeast in that. See my pics below!

All measured out and ready to be ready put in the bread machine.
1.5 lb loaf on the dark crust setting will take 3 hrs & 40 mins in my bread machine. Some bread machines take longer, just depends.
Beautiful French bread loaf is all done, ready to be sliced up and eaten!
Sliced up and smells amazing. Tastes great too!

Published by Melissa

A stay at home mom who loves to cook!

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