Wallpaper Behind Our Bookcase 📚

Fun weekend side project: putting wallpaper on the wall behind our built-in bookcase in our library. Ended up taking TWO weekends, but if I had ordered enough wallpaper I could have done it in one shot. Have you wallpapered before?

I saw peel and stick wallpaper featured on a Property Brothers episode (I believe) and it looked like an easy upgrade. I ended up ordering the wallpaper on Amazon and 2 rolls was plenty for our bookcase area and then some. I wanted to get a floral paper that would go well with our new gray walls and our ivory curtains. I might use the rest of the wallpaper for another area in our home, we shall see! Check out the progress and after pics below. Instead of moving all of the books off my shelves, I moved stuff shelf by shelf. I cut the wall paper in sections for each cubby hole and some of them I used a whole strip for two cubby holes. For the upper right hand corners, I had to climb up the bookcase’s wooden ladder (that was interesting). I’m not usually afraid of heights, but I was a little concerned with the stability of the wooden ladder. 😂 It ended up holding my weight, so that’s good!

Progress : Still need more time and wallpaper!
All done and close up of the project, my Hungarian decor on the bottom, wooden ladder for our bookcase.
Wide view of our bookcase and flowing curtains in our library.
I loved this project! Will definitely do more wallpaper in the future.

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A stay at home mom who loves to cook!

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