Painting Our Library 📚

Our big historic farmhouse has a library. Our library is a big room that a few owners ago built a large floor to ceiling bookcase in. It’s not huge like a “Beauty and the Beast” library, but I love it. We have 3 large windows next to the bookcase that has a long bench seat built in, kind of like a reading nook. And we even have a fireplace in there! We have a total of 6 fireplaces in our home, one in each bedroom and one in our living room and library. We’ve been painting our house room by room to update it, to cover smudge marks and to patch small holes in the walls. The library was one of the worst rooms, so we needed to paint it sooner rather than later.

After we painted our daughter’s room, the next task was to paint our dining hall, then the library. The dining hall is about 34’ long so we had a lot of walls to cover. Pics below of our dining hall painting project!

From a sky blue to a silvery gray!
My husband painted all of the upper trim and I painted all of the lower trim. Our ceiling is really high up there! My husband is 6’3”.
All done, now to decorate!

The library is smaller than the dining hall, but more tedious to paint because of the built in bookcase (not shown in these pics but will be in future project pics). Instead of painting each box of our bookcase, we decided to paint the whole room and leave the bookcase out of the equation for the moment. The library was a dingy gray so we painted it a silvery gray and it looks so much better. See pics below during the process and after!

Filling in holes and painting around the chair rail and trim.
My husband is hard at work rolling the paint on and our daughter is supervising 😂
The beautiful gray we ended up with, I still touched up the walls afterwards and now it’s gorgeous!
Walls are done and now I can put my decor back up. Metal prints of Norway above our fireplace.

After painting the whole library, I decided to wallpaper behind our bookcase instead of painting, so that’s a separate project I’ll be posting about later. It’s looking really good so far, but I needed more wallpaper than I thought, so my weekend project is now a 2 weekend project. Slowly but surely, we are getting our home looking gorgeous!

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