Air Fried Chicken Schnitzel 🍗

We love fried foods, that crunch you get when biting into something that’s been deep fried. It makes me think of going to the fair and eating a deep fried Oreo or Twinkie, so tasty. I also think about fried chicken and schnitzel, delicious! But since deep frying isn’t the healthiest option for our day to day meals, we like to use our air fryer. It gives our food the crunch and flavor of being deep fried without the tons of oil you have to use to make it. My husband bought us a combo air fryer/toaster oven/convection oven which is awesome because we can make pretty much anything in it! He found it on Amazon and it’s been one of the best kitchen appliance purchases we have made.

When I was a kid, my grandma would make pork schnitzel for us, especially as part of our Christmas Eve meal. The grown-ups would eat roast duck and us kids would eat pork schnitzel with Hungarian cream peas, tarhonya (egg based pea-sized pasta) and always a dill pickle spear on the side. To this day, whenever I make schnitzel, we always each have a dill pickle spear on the side. My husband loves to eat schnitzel and has to have a pickle with it too! A little bit about my background, I am half Hungarian and half Greek. I love to cook foods from both my Hungarian and Greek side (our friends and family love it too), and I will feature the recipes here in my blog, coming soon! Pics below of what tarhonya and Hungarian style cream peas look like. I didn’t take these photos, I found them online. Once I make these, I’ll post pics of both!

Hungarian style cream peas

For this recipe for schnitzel, I wanted to use thin sliced chicken breast instead of pork. You can use either, just whatever you prefer. The chicken turned out great! This time instead of making tarhonya, I made a cheesy pasta side and a small salad. See photos and the recipe below! ❤️🐓

Flour, egg mix in the dish, and bread crumbs laid out on parchment paper to put together the schnitzel.
Chicken is not touching each other, all coated and ready to be air fried. I used larger chicken breasts, it is even better to use thinner breast slices.
I cut into the chicken to make sure it is done, and we serve it up! 🍗
Don’t forget your pickle!

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