Pasta Makes Everything Better 🍝

I love pasta, all different noodles, and Italian food in general! My favorite sauce to make and eat is red sauce, my husband likes Alfredo, and our daughter doesn’t like any sauce (well, not yet!) She is 2 years old and prefers her spaghetti or any type of noodles with just mozzarella cheese sprinkled on top. Every pasta dish we make needs to have the sauce separate from the noodles, so this recipe is perfect for finicky little ones.

I found a similar recipe in The Pioneer Woman’s cookbook called Pasta Alla Ladd (named after her husband). I made some changes to her recipe and decided to name it after me because I’m the one who prefers red sauce in our family 😂 I like Italian sausage more than ground beef in our pasta recipes, and like to season our meat prior to adding any sauce to the meat. You can make the recipe with either Italian sausage or ground beef though. Check out the pics below and the recipe “Pasta Alla Melissa.” ❤️

Browning up the sausage, seasoning it, and onions and garlic in there too!
Added all of the ingredients and now it needs to simmer, covered.
I used penne pasta but you can also use rigatoni pasta too!
All done! Now to serve up!
Topped with mozzarella and served with garlic bread, nom nom nom! 😋

Published by Melissa

A stay at home mom who loves to cook!

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