Projects Around the Farmhouse 🐓

Painting projects seem like they never end, am I right? We have been painting our farmhouse room by room to update the colors and to remove smudges and imperfections. Our ceilings are 12’ tall, we have lots of walls to cover with paint! First room I painted was our little half bath that is next to our dining hall from a blue color to honey vanilla. Then I painted our sunroom which is next to our pantry. It was a lime green color that I didn’t care for, so I also painted it the same honey vanilla color as the half bath.

Then we both tackled painting our daughter’s room and even had help from missionaries who are serving their mission out here from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! The missionaries helped us roller on the paint in our daughter’s room, a pretty mint color. See photos below of the hard work!

My hard work priming the walls, as you can tell I didn’t get on the ladder 😂
Me with Elders Callaway and Biorge working hard!

Our daughter’s room was a dark green, so we first had to paint it with a white primer and then work on painting it the lighter mint green color. The fireplace in her room was a maroon color and I wanted to brighten it up so I painted it white. The lower part of the fireplace is what the whole fireplace was painted. See progress and after pics below!

Painted the bricks white and had to do a few coats to cover up the maroon paint.
I love the all white brick fireplace look.
Hope you love it too!

We needed to paint both our front and back porches with new deck-over due to the paint peeling off and wood being exposed to the elements. We chose charcoal gray for both porches. The same missionaries that helped us paint Vivian’s room also helped paint our large front porch. My brother-in-law helped my husband paint our front porch. Our next project was painting our dining hall. After that, we painted our library. I will post pics about both very soon! 🤞🏼

In between painting, we have had plumbing work done to help with some issues with toilets not flushing and gurgling sounds coming from sinks. Also, we had to replace our water heater the first week after we moved in our home. Cold showers are never fun 🥶

Home ownership definitely has its ups and downs, but we are grateful for our home! We are thankful we were able to purchase our home this last year and that my husband’s job wasn’t affected by Covid layoffs. We are so thankful for me being able to stay home with our daughter as well, we have lots of fun together ❤️ she loves helping me with chores (for now at least!) and we make yummy food together too! I’ll make sure to post recipes where Vivian “helps” me too.

Hope everyone likes seeing our projects 🔨🪚🪜

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