Instant Pot/Slow Cooker Turkey Chili

With all this cold weather we are having, eating a nice, hot bowl of chili sounded amazing. The wonderful smell that comes from slow cooking this makes it tempting to eat it before it’s done 😂 But trust me, waiting those few hours makes it worth the wait once you take that first bite! I included my recipe below, but feel free to make changes where needed for your taste preferences. You can substitute the ground turkey with ground beef, red onion with yellow onion, but you absolutely need to have the chicken broth, I wouldn’t substitute this with water.

You can also make this in a regular slow cooker, you would just need to cook the onions, bell pepper, and ground turkey in a skillet prior to adding to your slow cooker. I have made this both ways, in the Instant Pot and slow cooker and both turned out delicious. I prefer to use the Instant Pot because you can use just one pot for everything instead of using the skillet and slow cooker. Less dishes to clean after dinner makes this mama happy! I also made cornbread to go along with this and cornbread always goes great with chili.

All of my ingredients are in and ready to slow cook!
Beautiful hot and yummy chili! Worth the wait.
Chili garnished with Colby Jack cheese, cornbread on the side, and a small bowl with chili for our daughter. She was anxious to start eating, that’s why her hand is in the pic reaching for the bowl! 😂

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