Quality Matters

I used to buy my produce from big chain grocery stores, I thought that cheaper was just the way to go. I remember cutting up a Roma tomato one day and said to my husband, “this tastes so bland, like I’m eating a mushy piece of water. There HAS to be a better tasting tomato out there, somewhere!” Since my husband isn’t a fan of tomatoes, I knew I had to figure this one out on my own. We always stuck to our budget, and never ventured out to see what our different options could be.

After we moved to our small town, I looked up local farmers markets and found one just 10 minutes from our home. I wasn’t sure how the pricing would be, but I wanted to check it out. I picked up a couple items (tomatoes, onions, and bell peppers) and the pricing was actually cheaper than I was paying at the grocery store. To top it all off, the people that worked there were also very friendly. From that first bite into one of the tomatoes, my tastebuds were on sensory overload. The best tomatoes I have ever eaten were from our local farmers market.

Ever since then, I have gotten my favorite veggies and fruits from our local farmers market in town. If you can, buy from your local farmers market and support your local farmers too! Until I start venturing into creating our own garden, the farmers market is where I will be picking my fresh fruits and veggies.

Published by Melissa

A stay at home mom who loves to cook!

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