When My Mouth Woke Up!

I can’t really remember exactly when I started searching for flavorful food. I’m talking REALLY tasty food. I felt like the rat on the movie Ratatouille, everything tasted so bland. I wanted to try something new. I wanted to be a Foodie. I like to cook and I knew that if I followed a recipe, I could make a decent dish. But I wanted to take it further than that, I wanted to add spices and flavor to the dishes I was already making and then also venture out to make a new dishes. But how could I start?

And then it happened! I was watching Food Network one morning while our newborn daughter was napping, and I came across The Pioneer Woman. With her fire red hair and bubbly personality, I liked her instantly. While we were living in the suburbs at the time, her life on the ranch also made me yearn for country living! Ree Drummond makes cooking and baking in her kitchen look like a breeze, and all of her dishes look so delicious.

I started looking up some of her recipes online and found a couple that became regular staples for us over time. Recently, I ordered her cookbook “The Pioneer Woman Cooks: The New Frontier” and I am so excited to start cooking like Ree!

Published by Melissa

A stay at home mom who loves to cook!

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