Roasted Cheesy Zucchini

If I can add cheese to any side dish, I will! This makes your zucchini so tasty, and cooks up so fast in your oven. We use our toaster oven that has bake and broil settings on it so we can bake up stuff like this without heating up our whole house in the summertime. I’ll put the link for the model we have in the next section so you can see!

I used 3 medium size zucchini for this recipe but 2 large will work fine too. This recipe is for 4 servings and I included the carbs on the recipe down below. It’s low carb and keto and tasty! It’s also vegetarian and if you substitute the cheese for vegan cheese, you’ll then have a vegan side dish too! Zucchini is something I never really made a lot of, but I’m excited that I get to make more of it now. I guess this means I’m an adult now 😂 happy eating y’all!

Rinse, slice and discard ends of zucchini. Place in a large bowl, drizzle olive oil on top and stir.
Mix seasonings together in a small bowl.
Shake seasoning mix over slices and stir around to coat them well. Place on your baking sheet sprayed with nonstick spray. Sprinkle cheeses on top and bake!
Doesn’t this look so savory? Serve it up with your favorite low carb main dish!

Easy Jalapeño Poppers

I have looked up and tried a few different recipes for jalapeño poppers over the years, but this is the easiest version I’ve made! I haven’t found a recipe like this online, so here’s my super EASY version of making jalapeño poppers. Cutting and prepping the jalapeños takes the most amount of time for this recipe. I cut off the tops and de-seed them so they aren’t spicy. For some reason, this batch had tons of seeds inside them 🤦🏻‍♀️ This process took me 10 mins just to cut, slice, and de-seed 7 jalapeños. Since they get cut in half lengthwise, they make 14 poppers.

I don’t like to mix the cream cheese with shredded cheese and seasonings like most recipes recommend, I feel like it’s a waste of time. I’d rather layer the jalapeños with the cream cheese, seasonings and cheese and save myself some mixing time. Also, the less time I have to prep this and start eating them, the better! 😂 Let me know if you make my recipe by commenting on my post! Happy Wednesday y’all!

Rinse jalapeños first.
Cut the tops off of each, slice in half lengthwise, and de-seed all of them.
Slice the softened cream cheese and put about 1/4” of cream on each jalapeño as shown.
All have been filled with cream cheese.
Season each with garlic powder and paprika to your liking.
Place on your baking pan and place 1/3 or 1/2 cheese slices on top. I used pepper Jack cheese. Bake at 400 degrees F for 12-15 mins.
All browned and bubbly and delicious! Jalapeños have softened and are so tasty. Y’all enjoy!

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Italian Sausage Links in Sauce

I know my title sounds funny, but I am so used to writing pasta after everything, I had to change my wording for low carb dishes that don’t have pasta. I cooked the links and prepared the sauce as if I was going to serve on top of a bed of pasta, but instead served up on top of spaghetti squash! I don’t miss pasta (which is weird for me to say), and spaghetti squash is a great substitute at only 5g net carbs per serving.

For leftovers, I ate the sauce with sausage and topped with shredded mozzarella cheese. It was like a pasta bowl with no pasta! 😂 Just eating the meat and sauce was filling enough too. This recipe makes 4 servings too! 2g of carbs per link and 10g of carbs for the spaghetti sauce. I didn’t use no sugar added sauce, but if you used that instead you would only have 6g of carbs. For the onion, you would only be eating 1/4 cup per serving at 3g of carbs and 2g of carbs for each serving of red bell pepper.

Cooked Italian sausage links according to package directions. First, added links and 1/2” of water to skillet. Put the lid on and cooked on medium heat for about 6-9 mins.
Removed lid and cooked links to get them charred a bit on the outside for 5-8 more mins.
Add chopped bell pepper and onion to skillet with olive oil on medium heat. Season with salt and pepper. Sauté for 3 mins.
Add in minced garlic cloves and cook for 30 more secs.
Add chopped slices of sausage back to skillet and stir.
Add sauce & stir, heat through sauce to thicken & reduce.
Served up with spaghetti squash, but you can use whichever low carb veggie spirals you like! Bon appetit!

Stovetop Kielbasa

Stop boiling your kielbasa and spice it up by sautéing on your stovetop and seasoning it up! Each serving is only 2g carbs and this sausage is seasoned with all low carb friendly options! You can heat this up for breakfast, lunch or dinner. One sausage rope is about 4 servings, so I can split this up over a couple days. I served it up originally with my sautéed mushrooms side and a side of roasted green beans. Hope y’all enjoy this easy main dish!

Remove kielbasa from packaging and place on a cutting board.
Cut diagonally into 1/2” pieces.
Add pieces to skillet with olive oil warmed up on medium heat.
Season with seasonings to your preference and cook for about 6-9 mins. Stirring frequently to brown.
Ready to be devoured!

Sautéed Mushrooms

As a kid, I couldn’t stand the texture of mushrooms, but now as an adult, I just love ‘em! Before starting our low carb diet, we would order them as a topping on pizza but that was about it. These last few weeks, we’ve been adding more low carb veggies to our diet and mushrooms have made it on our rotation as a side now.

We use Baby Bella mushrooms but you can also use regular white mushrooms for this recipe. I’ve found that roasting them in the oven makes the mushrooms more juicy and sautéing them in a skillet makes them more crisp on the outside. Either way, I like them cooked both ways! Hope y’all enjoy this recipe! 🍄 I’ll post the net carbs on my recipe down below too 🙂

Rinse and pat dry mushrooms with a paper towel.
Cut off stumps from the bottom of the mushrooms. Use the stumps in your compost!
Melt butter and add olive oil to skillet on medium heat. If you want this vegan, add double olive oil and leave out the butter.
Add mushrooms to the skillet, top side up. Season with garlic salt & pepper. Cook for 5 mins then flip over.
Season with more garlic salt & pepper after flipping over and cook for another 5 mins.
Add in lemon juice and cook for 2 mins more. The lemon juice brings out more flavor.
Sprinkle parsley on top and serve up!

Mediterranean Cauliflower Rice

Perfect addition to our Greek and Mediterranean menu here at home 🇬🇷 I used frozen cauliflower rice for this recipe, but you can also use fresh cauliflower. You would need to “rice” the cauliflower by putting the florets in your food processor and pulsing until they are close to the consistency of rice. If you purchase a whole cauliflower head, you would need to cut it down into floret size pieces. Frozen cauliflower rice is the easiest way to go!

Be cautious about how much salt you use in this recipe and try not to add more than I list on my recipe. It will turn out very salty quickly! Same with the lemon, the rice doesn’t absorb the same as plain white rice so it will taste very lemony as well. We figured out both of these the hard way!

Thaw frozen cauliflower rice in your microwave for about 2-3 mins less than the cook time on the bag.
Pour thawed rice into skillet with olive oil. Sauté for min.
Add in minced garlic cloves and seasonings and stir. Sauté for min
Add in lemon juice and cook for about min

Greek Pork Chops

These pork chops are marinated overnight and sautéed on your cast iron skillet, cooked under 10 mins and so juicy. If you’re tired of dry pork chops, I cannot stress enough that they need to be marinated. Making a quality marinade for your meats is more important than how you cook them! As long as the chops are marinated, you can air fry, pan fry, or even bake them in your oven and they’ll be delicious. Just make sure not to over cook them and use your kitchen thermometer to check their internal temperature. Pork needs to be at 145 degrees F internal temp to be fully cooked.

I like pork chops because they are yummy and cheap!
Seasonings are mixed together.
I use Cavender’s Greek seasoning and a Greek vinaigrette dressing as well. Any brand Greek dressing works!
Pork chops are placed in a gallon size storage bag and marinated overnight in the fridge. Always put a glass dish under your marinade bag in case if it leaks.
Add olive oil to your skillet and heat on medium. Add in chops, season with additional salt & pepper if desired.
Flip over halfway through cooking at about 4 mins, cook 4-5 more mins or until internal temp of chops are at 145 degrees F.
Remove chops and place wrapped in foil to rest for 3-5 mins prior to serving.
Served up with my recipe for Mediterranean cauliflower rice!

Cajun Sausage & Sun-dried Tomatoes Dish

I originally made this dish with pasta, but wanted to make it keto friendly! It turned out so yummy, you wouldn’t even know it was low carb. To make the sauce into a roux, you use Xanthan gum as the thickener instead of flour. I use heavy cream for the sauce, and it gives it a nice and creamy consistency. The Cajun sausage links are not spicy but full of flavor for the dish. We served the sauce & sausage on top of spaghetti squash and it was delicious. Paired it up with a side salad and it was the perfect low carb dinner. Hope you enjoy this!

Slice links into 1/4” pieces.
Add to skillet with oil from sundried tomatoes.
Chop up sundried tomatoes in the mean time.
Remove links and set aside, sauté onion in remaining oil and add butter.
Add in minced garlic cloves and cook for 1 min, then add in Xanthan gum & stir.
Add in diced bouillon cube & water & stir, then add in heavy cream
Let sauce bubble then turn the heat down to low.
Stir sauce to thicken and add in sundried tomatoes, thyme & red pepper flakes.
Add sausage back in! Stir it up!
Ready to be gobbled up 😋
Served on top of shredded spaghetti squash and with a side salad.

Savory Sautéed Green Beans

I’ve made sautéed green beans many times, but this time I wanted to update and make it keto friendly! Using fresh green beans is always my go-to, but you can also use frozen. I blanch the green beans in the beginning of the recipe so they don’t get mushy or too browned when they get sautéed. If you’re using frozen green beans, you would skip this step and microwave the beans until they are thawed then sauté.

For my recipe, I use garlic powder and onion powder but if you’d like to use fresh garlic or onion instead, I have the measurements here. You can mince 2 garlic cloves and dice 1/2 of a yellow onion and add them to the skillet at the same time you would add the garlic and onion powders. I also add a dash of red pepper flakes, but that is totally optional depending if you want these to be a little spicy. Hope you enjoy my recipe!

Trim and rinse your green beans and put in a deep skillet or pot with boiling water. Boil for 2-3 mins to blanch the beans.
Remove from pot and place beans in a medium size bowl with ice water.
Drain water out of deep skillet or pot then melt butter.
Add green beans back in pot, season with seasonings and sauté for about 5 mins or longer (depending on how browned you like them)
Yum! They are ready to be eaten!

Low Carb Instant Pot Pork Tenderloin

Here’s an update to my recipe for pork tenderloin in the Instant Pot! This recipe is keto and low carb friendly and tastes delicious. Since it’s pressure cooked in the Instant Pot, it’s also cooked in less than half the time it would normally take in your oven. I buy the pre-marinated pork tenderloin, so it has all the seasonings it needs. You can buy whichever one you like to make this recipe too! For the pics below, I cooked up a 2.5lb tenderloin that was pre- marinated in an Asiago peppercorn marinade.

We served up the tenderloin with sautéed green beans, they were a perfect pair. Hope you enjoy this recipe!

Set your Instant Pot on sauté mode, add in butter. Brown the tenderloin on all sides and then remove from the pot and set aside.
Turn off Instant Pot. Add in water, diced chicken bouillon cube, Worcestershire sauce and liquid smoke and stir. Put tenderloin back in and set pot to sealing, pressure cook on high for 6 mins. Allow pressure to release naturally for 15 mins.
Check internal temp of tenderloins to make sure they are at least 145 degrees F. Remove and set aside wrapped up in foil for 5 mins to rest before carving. We served ours up with sautéed green beans! Yum!